VVConvert is a free and open source, cross-platform H.266 (VVC) video converter supporting most input formats with customized encoder parameters.

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Version: 0.0.8

VVConvert is a cross-platform, open-source H.266 (VVC) video converter that offers extensive input format support and customizable encoder parameters. Enhanced with an integrated FFmpeg resolver, it provides users with a seamless video encoding experience.

  • Encoding Standard: Utilizes the H.266 (VVC) video encoding standard, known for its high compression efficiency, leading to reduced file sizes with maintained video quality.
  • Platform Compatibility: Designed for cross-platform use, supporting major operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Input Format Support: Offers wide-ranging support for most video input formats, allowing for flexibility in source file selection.
  • Custom Encoder Parameters: Provides the capability for users to define and customize encoder parameters, granting fine-tuned control over output video characteristics.
  • Integrated FFmpeg Resolver: Comes equipped with an FFmpeg resolver feature, so you don’t have to worry about installing or updating anything!

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VVConvert 0.0.8
– Fixed Windows VVenC Build
– Added Tooltips

VVConvert 0.0.7
– Added quantization parameter (QP)
– Added preset speed
– Improved FFprobe parsing
– Updated VVenC library and dependencies

VVConvert 0.0.6
– Update VVenC library
– Reuse YUV Buffers
– Cleanup for launch

VVConvert 0.0.5
– Added basic conversion percentage to log
– Added ‘advanced’ config params
– Fixed Menu names and destinations
– Update crates